About Supriya Arun

Supriya Arun is a wellness consultant who has completed her nutrition certification from the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), specializing in Weight Management, Sports Nutrition and Clinical Nutrition. She is also an ACSM certified personal trainer. She has done a short stint as a nutritionist at Qi Lifecare, a cardiac rehabilitation centre for preventive and post-operative care.

Prior to becoming a wellness consultant, Supriya has worked in pharmaceutical research in renowned companies like Cipla and Nicholas Piramal. She is a graduate in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Madras Medical College and a post graduate from University Department of Chemical Technology, Mumbai.

Supriya is passionate about both food and fitness. She finds pleasure in researching and trying out different kinds of foods in the kitchen with a healthy twist and brings this experience to her consultancy practice. She was part of the taste team for the BBC Good Food India magazine. She is an avid gym enthusiast and has participated in a few half marathons.

She is a co-author of a book titled " Traditional Recipes for Pregnancy and Motherhood" published by Jaico Publishing House.

Supriya is a resident of Mumbai, where she lives with her husband and two children.

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My Philosophy

At Heal-thy-Living, we believe that any fitness and nutrition package has to be practical for our clients to follow. In order to achieve this, we focus a lot on understanding the client’s lifestyle, likes and dislikes while designing the nutrition and fitness programme. We ensure that we provide sufficient variety in the food recommendations so that the client never feels bored with it.

We also believe that fitness consciousness has to come from within and cannot be prescriptive. Only then will it be sustainable and provide lifelong benefits. A substantial part of the engagement is spent on nutrition and fitness counselling as it is important for our clients to understand the reasons behind the suggested changes. We develop a good personal rapport with the clients and try to become their friend and confidante in all matters related to nutrition and fitness.

We strive to help them make the correct choices and habits in terms of food and fitness related matters. By weight loss we mean losing fat and not simply weight as it also includes lean mass and water. This changes the whole approach to weight management.