Priyankar Srinivas (Banker and Triathlete)

"I have known Supriya for quite some time now. When I began training for my first Ironman 70.3, I struggled to get a good nutrition plan. I have been a marathoner for several years and felt that I also needed to get in the right calories and sufficient protein to continue my training for the marathons. I have been a vegetarian and this is quite challenging as most food plans inherently are designed around meat and western food with substantial non- veg intake for nutrition. I train for 15-18 hrs a week along with a full time job. Fuelling right is critical to functioning well apart from training well for it and deliver a strong finish on race day. Right race weight is a dream even some pro athletes and they struggle to achieve it unless they are able to work with a good nutritionist. Supriya pays great attention to detail, works with you on a plan that you can sustain and follow through at home with local ingredients, not necessarily the exotic! Her knowledge of variety of local home grown foods, backed up by strong foundations in the science of nutrition, are her greatest strengths. Rather than just another great diet which is impossible to adhere to after the first few days, she builds in the flexibility and variety through various choices that can be available without a great deal of effort. My advice to people is to stay the course with her, patiently following through the plan, and consistency in efforts and faith in her program. Results will automatically follow. Supriya can craft menus for the Indian palate including the need to address any specific medical conditions that requires customization. She is herself an avid runner and an ACSM certified professional. She does not prescribe a 'one size fits all' advice and studies vital markers before offering any advice. She easily builds confidence and makes the journey of diet and nutrition, a very interesting pursuit on the whole."

Puja (Doctor)

"Last February my teenaged daughter weighed 92 kg with high insulin levels, high HbA1c and anaemia. After detailed case taking and analysis by Supriya she was prescribed certain life style changes, exercise routine, diet alterations and supplements to boost her. After 10 months she is 10 kg down and also her reports are within normal range. It is a transformation achieved by continuous guidance and perseverance from Supriya".

Divya S. K (IT Professional)

"Firstly I would like to mention that Supriya was more like family than a professional to me. Thank her for that. I was satisfied with the way she understood my lifestyle and routine and customized my plan. She helped me achieve inch loss and improve my overall metabolism. Her advice enabled me to identify and compensate the missing nutrients in my food. I will reach out to her for my next set of health goals."

Ramesh Mangaleswaran (Consultant and Marathoner)

"I was looking for a nutritionist who was familiar with running, a vegetarian diet and could also adjust my diet to my extensive travel. Supriya met all these criteria and more. She suggested how I could meet my nutrition needs and also eat new tasty foods, using local ingredients- “what my grandma made”. Her flexibility and friendly demeanour make her a joy to work with."

Neetu Singh ( Sales and Marketing Professional)

"Being a working woman with a high pressure job was taking a toll on me as I had hypothyroidism for last ten years . One of my friend referred me to Supriya . The focus was not on weight loss but on over all health as I was not able to cope up with the increasing demand both at home and office. Despite the distance as I am based out of Bangalore, Supriya and I worked out simple diet and exercise regimen with loads of home food and wisdom of our age old super foods readily available in the kitchen. The journey has been remarkable where I saw my thyroid levels coming under control. I also lost 10 Kgs and 9% fat while my joint pain and over all fatigue improved. Last but not the least I started working out regularly . I have also referred many of my friends who are also seeing over all improvement ."

Shweta Rochak ( Homemaker)

" I really liked the detailed explanation of the plan with the calories count, specifications of proteins,carbs etc she gave me..I learnt so many recipes for a healthy lifestyle.I will continue to follow the plan till possible as all my blood tests are normal now after following her program."