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    a one-stop destination for your nutrition and fitness requirements.

  • Are you looking to lose weight? Or Gain weight? Are you feeling tired and down always?

    A busy corporate executive with no time to focus on your nutrition?
    A sportsman looking to participate in the Ironman? Or running your first half marathon? A diabetic?
    Have a family history of heart conditions? A teenager with weight issues? Or a junior sports champ on the threshold of making it big?
    Then Heal-thy-Living is the right choice for you. We do online consultation also.

  • Holistic, Sustainable, Life Style Oriented, Bespoke

About Heal-thy-Living

Heal-thy-Living is a holistic wellness consultation service and a one stop destination for your nutrition and fitness needs.It is run by Supriya Arun, a wellness professional who combines her passion for fitness and food with a strong background in science/pharma/medicine.

At Heal-thy-Living, we look to improve your quality of life through nutrition and exercise. Specific problems are identified and addressed and suitable practical modifications in lifestyle are recommended. Adequate counselling is also done to make the clients understand the need for change as well as the changes that are recommended.

The kinds of services offered include weight management, dealing with medical issues through lifestyle changes, sports nutritional requirements as well as recommendations for improvement in overall health and fitness.

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Our Philosophy:

At Heal-thy-Living, we believe that any fitness and nutrition package has to be practical for our clients to follow. In order to achieve this, we focus a lot on understanding the client’s lifestyle, likes and dislikes while designing the nutrition and fitness programme. We ensure that we provide sufficient variety in the food recommendations so that the client never feels bored with it.

We also believe that fitness consciousness has to come from within and cannot be prescriptive. Only then will it be sustainable and provide lifelong benefits. A substantial part of the engagement is spent on nutrition and fitness counselling as it is important for our clients to understand the reasons behind the suggested changes. We develop a good personal rapport with the clients and try to become their friend and confidante in all matters related to nutrition and fitness.

We strive to help them make the correct choices and habits in terms of food and fitness related matters. By weight loss we mean losing fat and not simply weight as it also includes lean mass and water. This changes the whole approach to weight management.

What We Do

Our Services

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Weight management

  • Weight loss
  • Weight gain
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Weight management

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Sports nutrition

  • Elite athletes
  • Recreational sports persons
  • Specific event focussed programmes
  • Teenagers who are active in sports
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Sports nutrition

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Clinical nutrition

  • Diabetes
  • High lipid levels
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Hypertension
  • Polycystic Ovarian disease
  • Rheumatoid arthritis and Osteoarthritis
  • Fatty liver
  • Gluten sensitivity and intolerance
  • Diet during pregnancy and lactation
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Clinical nutrition

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Programmes for children/teenagers

  • Address weight related issues
  • Counselling to sensitize them on good eating habits
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Programmes for children/teenagers

A personalized and customized solution to improve your health and fitness.

Nutrition, Exercise, Lifestyle changes

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Why Our Clients Prefer Us

Nutrition Strategies

Provides a professional dietary and nutrition consulting service based on sound science aimed to help you achieve the goals without any fads.

Workout Routines

Tailor made workout routines as per body composition, performance goal and convenience.

Support & Motivation

Friendly follow-ups and egging to encourage alignment to the plan to achieve results.

First Hand Advice

Workable solutions to individual health and diet issues.

Individual Coaching

Bespoke advice aligned to the clients routines and eating habits.

Certified Counsellor

Counselling done as per recommendations of the American College of Sports Medicine which is the gold standard in matters of health and nutrition.


Success Stories

Priyankar Srinivas (Banker and Triathlete)

"I have known Supriya for quite some time now. When I began training for my first Ironman 70.3, I struggled to get a good nutrition plan. I have been a marathoner for several years and felt that I also needed to get in the right calories and sufficient protein to continue my training for the marathons. I have been a vegetarian and this is quite challenging as most food plans inherently are designed around meat and western food with substantial non- veg intake for nutrition. I train for 15-18 hrs a week along with a full time job. Fuelling right is critical to functioning well apart from training well for it and deliver a strong finish on race day. Right race weight is a dream even some pro athletes and they struggle to achieve it unless they are able to work with a good nutritionist. Supriya pays great attention to detail, works with you on a plan that you can sustain and follow through at home with local ingredients, not necessarily the exotic! Her knowledge of variety of local home grown foods, backed up by strong foundations in the science of nutrition, are her greatest strengths. Rather than just another great diet which is impossible to adhere to after the first few days, she builds in the flexibility and variety through various choices that can be available without a great deal of effort. My advice to people is to stay the course with her, patiently following through the plan, and consistency in efforts and faith in her program. Results will automatically follow. Supriya can craft menus for the Indian palate including the need to address any specific medical conditions that requires customization. She is herself an avid runner and an ACSM certified professional. She does not prescribe a 'one size fits all' advice and studies vital markers before offering any advice. She easily builds confidence and makes the journey of diet and nutrition, a very interesting pursuit on the whole."

Puja (Doctor)

"Last February my teenaged daughter weighed 92 kg with high insulin levels, high HbA1c and anaemia. After detailed case taking and analysis by Supriya she was prescribed certain life style changes, exercise routine, diet alterations and supplements to boost her. After 10 months she is 10 kg down and also her reports are within normal range. It is a transformation achieved by continuous guidance and perseverance from Supriya."

Divya S. K (IT Professional)

"Firstly I would like to mention that Supriya was more like family than a professional to me. Thank her for that. I was satisfied with the way she understood my lifestyle and routine and customized my plan. She helped me achieve inch loss and improve my overall metabolism. Her advice enabled me to identify and compensate the missing nutrients in my food. I will reach out to her for my next set of health goals."

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