About Supriya Arun

Supriya Arun is a co-author of a book titled " Traditional Recipes for Pregnancy and Motherhood" published by Jaico Publishing House.

One of the greatest gift a mother can give her child is the gift of good health. That single thought lays down an immense responsibility on the mother as well as her immediate family members to nourish her with the ‘right’ foods during pregnancy and after. That brings us to the pertinent question of what is right….Should the traditions passed on to us from our grandmothers be followed or should be ape the western world?

Our book attempts to clear the air by compiling some traditional regional Indian recipes given during pregnancy and motherhood and project a scientific and nutritional context to it in order to spread awareness about the underlying wisdom along with chronicling the diverse Indian culinary heritage, ingredients and micro cuisines.

The classic Indian ingredients that go into making these delicious recipes have numerous beneficial properties that are well highlighted in the book which features more than 80 recipes and 6 superfoods.

The book throws light on the medically proven herbs which are a powerhouse of nutrients and included in lip smacking recipes.

Finally, though we have written this book for pregnant and lactating mothers, it is also for every woman who wants to nourish herself in a natural way. This book is a guide to that wellness.

Apart from these recipes, this books enables the reader to also plan their diet judiciously based on nutrients, calories and tips given. Following our customs can only be good and putting on weight due to these foods is a myth. You will know how and why!